Sailing Through The Cosmos

The ‘Sailing through the Cosmos’ is a comprehensive beginner course designed to introduce the subject of astronomy to amateurs and students alike. It is a 24-hour course comprising of 2 stargazing sessions, 3 hands-on-experience, 3 Practical sessions, and 16 classroom sessions. Anyone with a basic scientific temper can enroll in the course.

Eligibility: Above 12+ years 

STEM Education And Learning Program

A true gateway to the cosmos, the Stargazing Sessions turn your childhood dreams into reality. You can see the beautiful Saturn Rings, stunning Milky Way Galaxy, shooting stars (meteorites) with your own eyes. With exclusive events planned all through the year, you will get to rare celestial events that you only heard of. We also organize exclusive sessions for groups.

Eligibility: Above 12+ years 

COSMOS Through Your Eyes

Did you know, you can experimentally verify 80% of your high school concepts with in-house things? Ever thought how amazing would it be if you were thought concepts experimentally and just not digitally? With a set of 25+ amazing, simple yet effective experiments, we come to your school to enthrall, surprise, and leave you stunned. From Life Sciences to Space Sciences, we have got everything covered for you.

Eligibility: 5th grade and above 


Contest, Compete, & Conquest
Annual Contest – January 2023

The annual ‘My Home in Cosmos’ is the flagship contest from SpaceCulture. It is a chance to truly test the engineer, science student, historian, mathematician, geologist, and many more facets in you. You will be asked to submit a proposal on how you dream of creating a new home in this cosmos away from Earth. It should be logical, backed by science, and important realistic and feasible. Individuals and groups can participate alike under the respective categories.

Eligibility: 8th to 12th Grade

Annual Contest – September 2022

Encouraging students to showcase their skills in Art, Literature (Poems, Stories, Essays), and Photography, conducts these contests once every 4 months. At the end of each academic year, the top receiving entry (in each category) and the students who keep the contest alive is given a grand prize. Tons of merchandise, exciting gifts are waiting to be grabbed.

Eligibility: 1st to 12th Grade 

Environment & Technology - December 2022

The bi-annual ‘Science Innovation Challenge’ comes in two parts. The first part involves students solving an environmental problem, with the submissions by May 2022. The second part encourages the creativity of the students by asking them to come up with an innovation of their choice. The winners are awarded cash prizes, exclusive merchandise, and many more.

Eligibility: 6th to 12th Grade 

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